University-Based Retirement Communities (UBRC)

Over 55+ Active Adult Living

Senior Living Apartments on College Campuses

Don’t Retire...Rewire!

The concept of retirement is evolving, and older Americans today are looking for something more than bingo tiles and tv lounges. There is a desire for educational growth, for sustaining health and fitness, and for being part of a vital and stimulating community. The Residence Halls are University-Based Retirement Apartment Communities (UBRC) on, or near, colleges spread across the nation. Residents can attend classes and have access to a wide variety of educational, cultural, and recreational experiences connected to the university.


Lease a brand new apartment on or near a college campus, with the option to transfer to other colleges across the nation.



Get complete access to university campus facilities and attend classes, if you desire, like a regular student!


Experience an Exciting Lifestyle and Lifelong Learning

“...this is a game changer... The Residence Halls is ahead of the curve in catering to the needs and desires of the new generation of seniors that are flooding the market.”

Shawn Corzine, Owner, Sodalis Senior Living